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the Boaters' Resale Shop of Texas

Color Discount Program!

Red Yellow Coffee Orange Deep Blue Emerald
Very Pink Ultra Violet Black Sky Blue Lime Pewter

We try to price our items fairly for buyer and seller alike. Most of the time, we get it right and everyone is happy. Sometimes it takes a little longer to make an item sell. When that happens, the Color Discount Program takes over.

We are a seller of consigned items. Our sellers have allowed us to discount their items according to an automatic and graduated discount program. When each item is received, we give that item a tag color. As time goes by, each item is sold at a discount level based on where the color is on the discount chart. Our in store customers can look at the discount posters spread throughout the store so they can see the discount for the items they want. We have items on discount in our store every day that are discounted from 20% to 50% off sticker price.

We are now adding this discount program to our online sales.  You will be able to see what discount we can give you on an item without even calling us. Just find your item, check the item's discount color, look up that color on the discount poster and you will know what offer we can accept from you on that item. Email us your offer, we will change the price of the item and let you know that you can go back to the listing and buy it. It's as easy as that.

Here is a copy of the discount poster that is on display in our store now. We update the poster frequently and colors move up to higher discount levels each time we update. So check back often.