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Boaters' Resale Shop of Tx 1305 0107.14 SURVIVOR-06 HAND-OPERATED WATERMAKER


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  • Recovery Engineering, Inc. Survivor-06 Watermaker

  • Item Was Pre-Owned And Shows Signs Of Weathering

  • Hose Has Been Cut

  • Please See All Photos    

  • This item has not been bench tested.

  • Drifting on the open sea used to create the age-old dilemma: water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink. That's all changed. Now you can produce fresh drinking water with the Survivor-06, a revolutionary innovation in water purification. And you can finally quit worrying about fresh water for emergencies.

    Survivor desalinators are the first of their kind. They are the only manually operated reverse osmosis (RO) system for sea water. You get fresh water as long as you pump. No batteries, no generators, no alternators.

    Survivor-06 hand pump combines reverse osmosis and energy recovery technology to make pure, drinkable water from salt, brackish or contaminated fresh water. In about ten minutes, you can make a cup of water with virtually all sea salts and other contaminants removed.

    Its simple design plus energy recovery technology make Survivor-06 comfortable to use for long periods of time. And its ultra-compact size make the Survivor-06 easy to operate and store in an emergency survival kit or life raft valise.

    Dry Weight: 2.5 lbs. 1.1 Kg.)
    Rate of Water Purification: 1 cup/13 minutes (.24 liters/23 minutes)
    Height: 5" (13 cm)
    Length: 8" (20 cm)
    Width: 2.5" (6 cm)
    Maximum Suction Height: 10" (300 cm)
    Feed Temperature: 33 F to 120 F (1 C to 48.5 C)
    Minimum Salt Rejection: 98%

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Condition Description Item Was Pre-Owned And Shows Signs Of Weathering Hose Has Been Cut Please See All Photos