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Boaters' Resale Shop of Tx 1309 1201.08 AIRMAR WS2-C30 NEMA2000 CABLE (100 FEET)


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  • Airmar WS2-C30 NMEA2000 WeatherStation Cable 30M 100'    

  • A 30 meter cable for use with Airmar NMEA 2000 instruments. One end has an Airmar 9-pin connector that fits onto the base of the instrument, and the other end has a male connector for the NMEA 2000 network.

  • Terminating Airmar Cables

  • The Airmar NMEA 2000 cables used for the PB200, G2183, GH2183 and H2183 are available in lengths of 2M, 6M, 10M and 30M. The 2M and 6M cables are for use as drop cables, where the device is mounted no more than 6M from the network backbone. If you are using the 10M or 30M cables, these are too long to be drop cables under the NMEA 2000 standard. These longer cables should be installed so that they become one end of the network backbone. The 10M and 30M cables have an NMEA 2000 inline terminator built in to the cable, so that when you plug the cable into an Airmar device, that end of the backbone is correctly terminated without any need for a separate inline terminator.

  • Before May 2010, the inline terminator was built in to the Airmar devices, not the cable. This design was changed to better conform with the NMEA 2000 standard.

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